We respect our user’s privacy and make every effort to protect the privacy of the visitors to this website.

1. Site Information & Contact
The administrator for this site can be reached via the Contact Us form.

2. Information that is collected
Information that is volunteered by visitors such as e-mail addresses, contact information, comments etc. is collected.

3. Links to other websites
We link to several external sites such as merchants, advertisers, partners and sponsors. When leaving our site and browsing external sites, you are encouraged to review the privacy policy of those sites as it may or will differ from this privacy policy. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or policies of any third party web sites and this privacy policy statement does not apply to those web sites. We make no representation to the accuracy or existence of other websites’ privacy policies.

4. E-mail addresses
We only collect and store names and e-mail addresses that are submitted voluntarily to us by our visitors. Providing your e-mail address to us is voluntary and is not required to browse or use this site.

5. Financial Information
We do NOT collect any kind of financial information from our visitors. Any financial transaction you may enter into is strictly between yourself and the merchant you are purchasing goods or services from. We will not be responsible or otherwise liable for any use or disclosure of your financial information by such third parties. Please review the privacy policies of the merchants you are purchasing from for more information.

6. Cookies
We, like most websites, uses cookies to enhance your experience while using our site. Cookies are small data files that your web browser handles and stores on your computer. Cookies are not tied to your personal information. Other merchants and organizations that are linked to on this website may also set cookies when visiting their sites.

7. Data Security
We take reasonable precautions to keep all personal information secure. There are managerial and physical procedures in place to prevent unauthorized access to data. Please note that due to the open nature of the public Internet, you should consider any communication between yourself and us as non-confidential as we cannot guarantee that all communication between you and our servers will be completely free from unauthorized access. The only personally identifiable data we store is though limited to names and email-addresses. No other personal data is stored.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change and/or amend this privacy policy at any time with or without notice. Any updates will be posted on this page and are effective immediately.

9. Your Acceptance
Your continued use of this site means that you understand this Privacy Policy and agree to its terms. Your continued use of this site also means that you understand and accept our Terms and Conditions.